Surrender Pictures



Whether you're starting a project from scratch,
looking for a consultant to provide some pointers,
or need the final push to get your commercial live in the world,
we are here to see your project through.

Click on a service to get some details and examples.

Live Action

A production with action involving real beings or objects. It could be a soap commercial, soap opera, or an interview in a documentary, on soap.

Motion Graphics

That snazzy logo of yours brought to life with motion. That little bar that pops up with your name and title as a cohesive design. Flipping through your photos in your timeline before landing on a creepy title card. That’s all motion graphics.

Music Videos

A performance or short story set to a song. Now, here’s our editor Jon searching for love in the Big Apple.

Ping Pong

We prefer darts but let's tango.

Social Content Creation

Short form videos created for instagram,Facebook, and other online platforms. Whether it’s Drake or Cake, all social content creations start as a larger production before being watched on your phone.


The best productions are planned productions. End to beginning thinking. It all starts on paper. Drawing out that idea and being able to apply it on the screen is a seamless process when kept internal - let us help.

Brand Content

A unique and respected approach to story telling and brand selling. “This Youtube pre-roll is an awesome short propaganda film…wait….is that a Pepsi sign in the protest?”


That short form piece you see between programs on just about every screen today is selling something. But what’s tasteful, relevant, and valuable? (insert fact - maybe about allstate or some client that saw direct results in boosted sales from a commercial. Ideally it would say something like “Thanks to a successful commercial campaign, allstate saw sales rise 25% - an unprecedented growth without a change in products - to their first quarter of 2016.


You know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there. Hey, maybe you don’t even know what you want, but you know you need to make visual content. We’ll help you get there, wherever “there” might be. P.S. We’re hoping “there” is a tropical location with no cellphone service and an open bar.


On a base level, film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling footage into a coherent sequence. This is everything that happens after the camera stops rolling, and where a pile of film, or 1 & 0’s, get strung into a cohesive visual message.

Idea Implementation

You have the next Facebook, Uber, and now snapchat of script ideas? Awesome….let’s take a deep breath, and then let’s get this image out of your head and onto the screen.

Stream Ready Content

Broadcast quality production directly to your livestream platform, Facebook Live and more.

Short and Long-Term Time-Lapse

Four empty walls converting to the kitchen of your dreams in a matter of days(link to designer showhouse), or an exterior being transformed in a matter of hours(link to banner wrapping at sotheby’s). We’ve got you covered from all angles.

Drone / Aerial Video

Yup. Us too. Sweeping, majestic aerial images like you’re a bird flying over the world. Imagine?

Visual Marketing and Strategy

How can we implement video into your current workflow? How does your content get into the world, and in front of the eyes of your desired consumer? How can they take action? Let’s make a plan.