Monica Rich Kosann Commercial Contest

Prize: $250

Number of Winners: 10+

Surrender Pictures & Monica Rich Kosann want to feature your footage in a new commercial. The web commercial will be a compilation of crowd sourced content that illustrates your happy place.

The tagline for the commercial is What’s in your Locket? We are trying to tell the story of alternative images that can go in one’s locket, as opposed to the traditional photo of your significant other. 

Submit existing or create original videos of the moments and memories that represent what makes you happiest or a personal moment of triumph. Contribute anything from travel footage to celebrations, daily routines, and even webcam messages. If you think it helps tell our story, share it. The footage doesn't need to be super-polished — in-fact we prefer a more gritty, cell phone look. Select submissions will be featured in the commercial. 

Submit an existing video or create a new video, 15-60 seconds long, of your happy place or a personal triumph moment 

We are not looking for commercials

We are looking for short stories & videos which reflect your happy place. While romantic moments won't be disregarded, we are more interested in those moments that you couldn't live without, the moments you might put in your locket (if not your significant other).

One simple rule: you (the submitter) must have shot the video yourself.

The following are topics to inspire you. They are not topics that are mandatory to cover in your video – simply ideas to get you going: 

  • Running/finishing a 5K
  • That beautiful sunset from vacation
  • Playing with your new pet at home
  • Hiking to the top of a mountain
  • Skiing down a mountain
  • Singing with no shame in the car

There are no rules or borders for imagination! 

Again, these are just some examples. Nothing is mandatory. 

Videos used in the final commercial will receive $250

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matt flores