Surrender Pictures



whether you’re starting a project from scratch, looking for a consultant to provide some pointers, or need the final push to get your commercial live in the world, we are here to see your project through. 

these services will give you a taste of what we can bring to the table. 


SURRENDER PICTURES is a New York based collective of creatives & creators, with a keen knack for short form & serial content.
A strong emphasis on production value and an eye for storytelling, the SURRENDER crew,
which is headed up by Matt Kramer (Director) & Matt Flores (Producer), is just getting going.

From conception through post, Surrender has worked with brands such as Sotheby's, Time Warner Cable, Snapchat & RCA Records & many more to produce video content as a focal point to their digital marketing campaigns.

In the past year, SURRENDER has started producing their own shorts, with their first short film Coyotaje Run currently in post-production and their next short film currently in development. SURRENDER works with BORT - a cinematic comedy group - to produce viral comedy videos & original web series.